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Vision Care for the Whole Family


At Professional Eyecare, we stress the importance having an annual eye exam.  Eye exams are  an invaluable tool in maintaining healthy eyes by detecting and preventing disease. Some diseases develop slowly without causing pain or vision loss. Early detection of problems can reduce the risk of further harm and allow for a choice of treatment options.  Our doctors  pride themselves on providing professional, personalized vision care to all our patients.  

General Health Evaluation

  • UV-related damage

  • Cataracts

  • Glaucoma

  • Macular degeneration

  • Diabetic and systemic disease

  • Retinal holes and detachments


Visual Health Evaluation

  • Refractions

  • Visual acuity assessment

  • Visual function assessments

Exams are just the beginning...

Whatever your age, the best thing you can do for your eyes is maintain regularly scheduled eye examinations with an experienced optometrist.

Patients who are at a higher risk for certain conditions, such as diabetes, a family history of glaucoma, and those over the age of 40, should have exams more frequently.   Remember that caring for your eyesight begins with eye examinations.  They are the best way to detect eye conditions early and address them before they develop into more severe problems.


Young children should receive their 1st eye exam at 6 months old, at 3 years of age, just before they enter kindergarten, and each year while in school. 


Signs that your child needs an eye exam

  • Frequent blinking or rubbing of the eyes

  • Winking one eye for better focus

  • Complaints of headaches or fatigue

  • Tilting the head to the side

  • Holding reading materials close-up to (or far away from) the face

  • Complaints of double vision

  • An eye that strays to one side or the other

  • Difficulty remembering what s/he read

  • Unusual inattention at school (often because s/he can’t see what’s written on the board or text/images on a screen, etc.)

InfantSEE®, a public health program  managed by Optometry Cares® - the AOA Foundation, is designed to ensure that eye and vision care becomes an essential part of infant wellness to improve a child's quality of life. Under this program, participating optometrists provide a comprehensive infant eye assessment between 6 and 12 months of age as a no-cost public service. Click here to learn more.

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