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Contact lenses have become more convenient than ever.  In fact, there is likely a contact lens that is right for you no matter your age or visual needs. Contact lenses will allow you to do all the things you love without the hassle of worrying about your glasses.  Thanks to advancements in technology, there are more convenient and healthier contact lenses choices today than ever before. For those who have previously struggled with contacts, or have eye conditions where “standard” contacts are not a great option, our doctors can consider specialty contact lenses designed just for your eyes to provide the best vision possible.


In order to be fit into contact lenses, a comprehensive eye exam must be performed first. This is necessary to determine your current prescription and overall eye health. As long as no issues are present that interfere with contact lens wear, a contact lens fit will follow.


During the contact lens fitting, the doctor will determine which lens matches your personal needs. Just as not one shoe size fits all feet, one contact lens does not fit all eyes. A lens that does not fit properly may cause discomfort or even damage to your eye, so it is important that the proper measurements are taken.



After the measurements have been taken and the type of lens is chosen, diagnostic lenses will be inserted and your doctor will evaluate how those lenses fit your eyes. If the fit and vision is good, you will receive training and instructions on how to care for your lenses. You will then be able to wear the lenses home.


This visit also confirms the safety and fit of your lenses. At this time, it is important that you report any problems or concerns you have noticed with the lenses. If everything seems to be going well, the doctor will write you a contact lens prescription and order a supply of lenses.


Regardless of how often or long you wear your contact lenses, it is essential that you have your eyes examined once every year to ensure the lenses are not causing harm to your eyes.

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